How To Choose The Best Glasses Frames

Now that you need prescription glasses, the next step is choosing your frames. This is the fun part of getting glasses, but you also have to take some things into consideration to ensure you get the best frames for you. The following are some things to think about as you look at your frame options:

The Shape of Your Face

One of the first things to consider as you choose your frames is the shape of your face. Some frames may work better on some face shapes and not others. You should choose a pair of frames that both comfortably fit your face and compliment your features. Oval-shaped faces often have the easiest time finding a pair of frames. Those with a heart-shaped face have more success with glasses that have a thicker frame. Those with a round face look nice in oval-shaped frames to keep the bottom of the frames from touching the cheeks.

The Shade of Your Skin Tone

Glasses frames come in every color imaginable. It may seem easy to pick your favorite color frame. However, some color frames are more complimentary for some skin tones than others. For that reason, you should find a color that looks best on you. For cooler skin tones, gray, blue, and black shades look really nice. Pink and red frames work well for those with warmer skin tones.

Another thing to consider as you are choosing your color is to think about your favorite clothing. Look at the color of clothes in your closet. If you wear a lot of a certain color because you like how it looks on you, glasses frames in a similar shade will look great as well.

The Activities You Partake In

Another consideration when choosing frames is your lifestyle. You want glasses that will match your daily activities. If you partake in athletic activities or your work requires you to do a lot of manual labor, you should choose glasses frames that are durable to avoid breakage. If your job is more professional in nature, you may want to go with a more conservative frame. If you are in the fashion industry, you can go all out with wild colors and shapes.

Getting glasses can be a fun way to show off your personality. If you need assistance with choosing a pair of frames, be sure to seek advice from an optometry clinic near you.