What To Know About Eye Exams

If you are noticing changes in your eyesight, then you want to pay a visit to your ophthalmologist. They will be able to give you an eye exam and if you are having issues with your eyesight, then they can determine the right prescription for you and get you set up with eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. The information here will help you know what to expect when you go to see the ophthalmologist and information on glasses and contacts. 

What happens at your eye exam

When you go to the ophthalmologist, they will give you an eye exam that will use a variety of tests and instruments to check and measure your vision and check to see if you have eye diseases, such as glaucoma. You will be shown a variety of slides with symbols, letters, and pictures and you will be instructed to give feedback on what you see. If you do need corrective lenses, then the ophthalmologist will also measure your eyes to fit you for contact lenses. 

What happens if you need glasses

If it is determined that you need to wear prescription glasses, then you will be given a prescription that provides the information needed for the glasses. Most ophthalmologist offices will have a large selection of frames for glasses available for you to choose from. There will be basic frames, sunglass frames, designer frames, and other types of specialty frames. You will select the ones you want and the ophthalmologist will order your glasses for you and let you know when they come in. 

What happens if you want contact lenses

You can get contact lenses in addition to glasses so you can wear them when you want, or you can opt to just go with contact lenses in lieu of glasses. However, you should keep in mind that it's a good idea to have glasses because you can put them on right away first thing in the morning and you can wear them in conditions where contacts may bother your eyes, such as on extremely windy days. If you want contacts, then the office may supply you with a sample pair while they order more, or they may have a supply of them in stock. They will also give you a starter kit that contains the case to store them in, a bottle of the contact solution, and eye drops. 


If you are starting to notice that you are having any changes in your eyesight, then it's important to get your eyes checked as soon as possible. You may not realize just how bad your vision has become and this can even be dangerous, especially when you are driving a vehicle. Visit an ophthalmology center to learn more.