Vision Tips For Your Child

Your child's vision is very important. If your child begins to start losing their sight at a young age, they could have a lot of vision problems by the time they are middle aged. Some vision problems could be prevented, while others may be inherited and cannot be prevented. To help prevent vision issues in your child, read on for information that you can use.

Give Your Child Sunglasses

Make sure your child wears sunglasses when outside to prevent squinting in the sunlight. Squinting can cause eye strain and the sun can also harm your child's vision, just like an adults eyes. Give your child a pair of eyeglasses that fit his face properly and cover his eyes. The lenses should protect against UV-A and UV-B rays, which are the suns harmful rays.

Don't Allow Your Child To Wear Someone Else's Lenses

Make sure your child isn't attempting to wear someone else's eyeglasses or contact lenses. You need to be sure your child understands that this can be harmful to his eyes and can result in irreversible damage. The lenses of someone else's vision can cause his vision to blur, then get used to the lenses, so when he isn't wearing them, his vision may be poor.

Limit Screen Time

Limit the amount of screen time your child gets. Screens such as televisions, cell phones and tablets or computers should have a limited amount of time. The more time spent on these types of screens can lead to vision issues. This is because staring at a screen can cause digital eye strain. It can occur in adults as well, although children may be spending a lot more time on these screens than most adults. Be sure your child is using these screens appropriately as well. The screen should be used in a room with plenty of light. Be sure your child is holding the screen so that he is not looking down on the screen, which can cause vision strain and headaches as well.

Talk To Your Child's Teacher

Discuss any vision problems with your child's teacher at school, as your child may be sitting too far away from the board and is unable to see. Your child may end up squinting in order to see the screen and can harm his vision in doing so. Your child may also end up getting poor grades because he cannot see the board well enough. 

If your child's vision is worsening, it could be due to a few different things. Be sure to take care of your child's vision using the tips above. Take your child to the optometrist, like those at Cohen's Fashion Optical and other offices, for an eye exam yearly to keep up with your child's eye health.