How To Care For Your Eyes After Lasik Surgery

It's not uncommon for your vision to deteriorate as you get older. Traditionally, contact lenses or eyeglasses were the only way to correct this deficiency. Unfortunately, it can be a hassle to keep contacts clean, and glasses can get in the way during sports. Luckily, Lasik surgery is now a viable alternative. During this procedure, your doctor will use a laser to carefully reshape the surface of your eye, restoring your vision to 20/20 or better. Laser eye surgery can be completed in under an hour, but there are a few things you should know about the healing process. Here are four tips to help you take care of your eyes after Lasik:

1. Rest your eyes.

Your eyes may be sore or sensitive to light immediately after Lasik surgery. Take the opportunity to rest for the remainder of the day. You don't have to keep your eyes covered, but you may want to sit in a darkened room, since bright lights may cause discomfort at this point. According to London Vision Clinic, it's best to avoid the harsh blue lights from screens for at least one full day after laser eye surgery. You may want to enjoy some music or listen to an audiobook to keep yourself entertained during this time.

2. Don't get water into your eyes.

If you decide to shower or wash your face in the week following your procedure, take care not to get water into your eyes. Tap water is safe to drink, but it can contain microbes that may cause an infection while your eyes are still healing. Carefully wash around your eyes, avoiding the entire area if possible. If you're not certain you can do this, you may want to switch to facial wipes or use a washcloth to keep your face clean during this time.

3. Go to your checkup.

Your eye doctor may want to see you for a follow up visit a week after your surgery. They will look at your eyes to make sure everything is healing correctly, and they will let you know if you can resume all your normal activities at this point. This is a good time to ask your doctor about any symptoms or side effects that are troubling you.

4. Use eye drops liberally.

Your eyes may feel drier than usual after your Lasik surgery, so don't be afraid to use your eye drops. Only use the eye drops prescribed to you by your eye doctor. Avoid using over the counter eye drops until your eyes have fully healed.

To learn more about Lasik surgery, talk to your eye doctor.