Tips For Eye Safety Around Fireworks

An accidental eye injury is a real risk in any occasion where fireworks are involved. You can suffer serious injuries if the fireworks malfunction and explode prematurely or don't follow the intended path. That is why you should take the following precautions to ensure your eye safety while dealing with fireworks.

Follow All Safety Instructions

As much fun as fireworks are, they are inherently dangerous, and even their manufacturers know this. That is why fireworks come with tons of safety instructions, which you should obey to the letter. These safety instructions are crafted after careful research and testing, so they work. Therefore, don't improvise or do something you read in an online forum if it opposes the official safety instructions.

Wear Safety Goggles

Wearing safety goggles is non-negotiable whether you are going to be lighting fireworks or you are going to be a spectator at a fireworks display. The goggles will shield your eyes from accidental sparks or debris that the firework may send flying in your direction. Don't be anywhere near fireworks if you don't have protective eyewear.

Buy Legal Fireworks

If you are in charge of fireworks acquisition, make sure you buy them from authorized sellers. Say away from black market fireworks or homemade fireworks since there is no guarantee on their safety. Don't buy used fireworks from other people; what if they give you fireworks that failed to explode because they were defective? Buying secondhand fireworks is the kind of mistake that can see the explosives go up in your face.

Respect Safety Barriers

If you are at a fireworks display, don't cross the barrier that the organizers will most likely put in place for spectators' safety. The barrier is usually put at a safe distance where even explosions from defective fireworks can't reach. Therefore, don't cross the barrier even if you want to be close to the action; something can go wrong and cause you injuries. Use binoculars if you think the barrier is too far from the action area.

Don't Touch Unexploded Fireworks

Lastly, an unexploded firework is a ticking time bomb that you should not be anywhere near. You can pick up such fireworks only for them to blow up in your face. Call the fire department in case you accidentally bump unexploded fireworks.

In case firework debris does get into your eyes, don't try to remove the debris, rub your eyes, or try any form of homecare whatsoever. Rather, rush to the nearest health facility as soon as the injury occurs.

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