Are Your Old Glasses Giving You A Headache?

Many people get corrective lenses over the course of their lives and learn year after year that their prescription has stayed the same. At some point, you may have stopped going in to have vision exams, or maybe you just stopped buying new glasses. In any case, if you're experiencing headaches, it might be due to your glasses. Here's why this is such a problem and what you can do about it.

How Often You Should Be Updating

It's typically recommended for people to get new glasses every one to two years. This is because they experience wear and tear, and you're more likely to have your vision prescription change over time. If you're already past two years, you already know that you've likely got a problem.

Why Out-of-Date Glasses Trigger Headaches

When your glasses get old, several things can happen.

One is that your vision changes, and that the glasses that once corrected your sight perfectly are now difficult to see through.

Another possibility is that your lenses have been damaged over time. Even minor scuffs and scratches can significantly change the way you see the world. If you have an anti-scratch, UV, or another type of coating in your lenses, it's also possible for these to be damaged and to begin flaking or peeling off, which can change your prescription.

In any of these situations, your instinctive reaction is probably to squint in order to see clearly. Squinting works the muscles of your face, eyes, and the hidden layers of muscles under your eyes that help them to swivel and pivot. If these muscles are constantly tensed whenever you're trying to watch, read, or simply look at something, you're likely to get a headache.

What to Do

For starters, make an appointment with your eye doctor. Chances are your eyes are just fine and all you need is an updated pair of glasses to fix your headaches.

Secondly, get to work massaging your head and face. Loosen up any muscles around the eyes, in the forehead, and over the scalp. If you find an area that feels tight, make sure to make note of it and focus on that area. This should help to prevent your muscles from becoming overly tight and painful.

Getting a new pair of glasses will likely help to alleviate your headaches. If you continue to have them after you get a new pair, talk to your optometrist or general physician.