Three Steps To Maintaining Your Glasses’ Anti-Scratch Coating

Getting an anti-scratch coating on your glasses' lenses is a great idea, but it's also something that many people don't realize requires some care to maintain. Your anti-scratch coating will do a great job of protecting your glasses from accidental damage and scratches so long as you follow these tips while caring for your glasses.

Clean Gently

One of the most common mistakes people with anti-scratch coatings on their glasses make is to think that they no longer have to be gentle while cleaning their glasses. This simply isn't true.

The anti-scratch coating is there as a last resort to protect your glasses; it's not an impenetrable shield. Rubbing your lenses harshly on a daily basis will eventually break down the anti-scratch coating, so be very gentle with them.

Follow your optometrist's directions on how to clean them the most effectively, and always use a scratch-free cloth to prevent unwanted damage to the lens or the coating. You should never try to use paper to clean your lenses, like bath tissue or a paper towel, nor should you use clothes to do it. All of these materials can potentially scratch your glasses or damage the coating.

Avoid Soap

Many people look to soap to clean their glasses of accumulated dirt and oil, but it's actually not the best choice. Soap tends to contain harsh detergents that are safe for skin and dishes, but not glasses or the anti-scratch coating. Using soap can cause the anti-scratch coating to begin breaking down, rendering it potentially useless after multiple cleanings.

Instead, use a cleaning solution that's specifically intended for glasses. These solutions are gentle and designed to not damage any kind of coating that's applied to glasses, like anti-scratch or UV protection.

If you don't know where to get any, visit your optometrist. They most likely have free samples or even sell it themselves.


Lastly, keep in mind that you should be storing your spectacles every time you're not wearing them. Leaving your glasses out where they can be knocked down, bumped, or have something dropped on them will increase your risk of damaging your lenses permanently.

If possible, put your glasses in a hard-shelled case every night before going to sleep, during showers, changing, and so on. This should protect them from any falls, being bumped, or scratched.

Taking care of your glasses does require a little bit of work even if you get the anti-scratch coating. This coating will help to protect your glasses from daily wear and tear and accidental damage if you take care of it like you should. Follow these directions when you buy your next pair of glasses to increase the longevity of your glasses.