Is Your Child Struggling To See? Warning Signs To Watch For

Childhood vision problems are difficult for parents to detect without understanding exactly what they're looking for. After all, if you ask a child if they're having trouble seeing something, they won't necessarily know that they are since their vision is all they've ever known. Without a point of reference to compare it to, kids won't even realize that they're actually experiencing a problem. Here are some things to watch for that may mean your kiddo is struggling to see.

Hands-On Reading

Is your child reading books by following the text with a finger? Many early readers will do this naturally, but for kids who are early elementary and above, the habit should have faded. If your child has been reading fluently for some time but still follows the text with a finger, it may mean that he or she is struggling with a tracking problem or vision clarity issues.

Sitting Close

Whether it's a book, the television or even a toy, if your child is sitting extremely close to things, it is likely an indication of vision problems. A book, for example, should typically be held at arm's length for correct posture when reading. If your child is holding it closer than that, you may want to schedule a vision screening.

Covering Eyes or Squinting

Sometimes, when a child is having trouble with one eye focusing clearly (typically the weaker eye), he or she may cover it to make it easier to see. If you notice your child squinting when reading or covering an eye when looking at something, that may mean that he or she is struggling to see clearly. This is something you should address right away, though. If your child continues to cover that weak eye, it may force the stronger eye to do all of the work, straining that eye and worsening vision problems.

Eye Rubbing

Eye rubbing is an instinctual response for many when their vision is blurry. If you see your child rubbing at their eyes on a regular basis, that could be a subtle sign of vision problems. It's also an indication of seasonal allergies and other issues, so look for other indicators before you assume that your child is struggling to see.

Identifying vision problems early will help you to seek corrective treatment right away. The sooner you spot signs like these, the sooner you can call the local optometrist for a thorough eye exam. To learn more, speak with a business like White Rock Optometry Clinic.