Tips For Wearing Glasses In Summer

If you are new to wearing glasses, one issue you may experience is dealing with them during the summer months. When the weather gets warm, wearing glasses can become frustrating, especially when you are not used to them. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help ease that frustration. Here are some tips:

Request Polarized Lenses

The glare during hot, sunny weather can be annoying when you are outside. You can fix this by asking for polarized lenses when you get your new prescription. Polarization is common for sunglasses, but you can benefit from it with normal glasses as well.

Polarized lenses work by decreasing the glare caused by sunlight, which helps you squint less. The glare is aggravating, but can also damage your eyes. When searching for frames, be sure to ask for those that can accommodate polarization.

Get Plastic Frames

Another thing you can do is choose plastic frames over metal. While metal may be desirable because they are very sturdy, they are also very heavy. As you perspire, the glasses will continually slip down the bridge of your nose and can even fall off your face. A plastic frame is lighter and more apt to stay put.

Get Light-Colored Frames

You should consider a light color for your summer frames. As well as a nice fashion statement, light colors are also cooler and not draw as much heat to your face. Be sure to check all the options at your appointment. If you get two sets of glasses, you can always choose a darker frame for when the weather cools off.

Prevent Fog

One major complaint about glasses in the summer is lens fog. When you go inside from the hot temperatures outside, and vice versa, you will notice a buildup of fog on your lenses. You then have to remove them and wipe them off so you are able to see. To help prevent this from happening, apply some defogger on your lenses. You can buy this at your local grocery or home improvement store. You simply apply a small amount to each lens and wipe it away. You may have to reapply the defogger throughout the summer, but you will notice significantly less fog on your lenses.

Wearing glasses during the summer does not have to be inconvenient. Choose the lenses based on the type of activities you take part in. You should also choose frames that are best fitted for your face. If you have any questions, you should work with your ophthalmologist or a place like Idaho Eye and Laser Center to get the best eye treatment for you.